Bobby Huggins

by:Matt Jones02/27/06

Seth Davis has now quoted the rumor that KSR Radio broached almost six months ago, that Bob Huggins will be the next coach at South Florida. When Rob and I first talked about this on the show, many people said we were crazy, but it now looks to not only be a possibility, but a probability. And it makes a great deal of sense. South Florida has just entered the new look Big East. As their 0-14 record this season attests, they have to make major changes to flourish in the conference. Who better to do that than Huggins?

And for Huggy bear, South Florida is a great position. Take a program with no expectations in a HUGE recruiting base, in a major conference, that is willing to invest big bucks to get its athletic program in gear. Huggins will immediately make a splash, bringing OJ Mayo and Bill Walker to whatever school he takes over. He has the Miami recruiting base and the chance to stick it to his old Cincy bosses.

I dont know if Huggy bear has much of a tan, but I do know that the bars around South Florida have to be happy about this potential development.

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