Bobby Perry in the NBA

Matt Jonesover 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
There are many times that I read articles and wonder....what is that person thinking? This feeling might occur when I read that George W Bush says things are going to plan in Iraq, Paula Abdul thinks that Bucky Covington has the potential to be a star or Jerry Jones thinks that T.O. will not be a distraction. But often, there is an explanation....the individual has an alterior motive that is different from the actual comment. Which brings me to this column by CBS Sportsline columnists Tony Meija. Meija is reporting that after his performance last weekend, NBA scouts are high on our own "Future", Bobby Perry. Yes, you read that correctly. And going even further, Meija believes that if Perry were to come out early, it could help his draft status. Think about that for a second. Bobby Perry, who was often deemed "not worthy of a UK Scholarship" this season, is now in consideration by NBA scouts for an early entry! Look, I love the "Future" as much as any player on UK. I watched him play multiple times in high school as he grew up in Durham, NC and trips to his game were a bonding experience for my UK friends at DUke Law School. But the notion that Perry, as good a kid as there ever has been, could be an early entry candidate to the NBA is as baffling as anything I have ever heard. It also just shows that people love what they dont know...and Meija doesnt know Perry and is now touting him for the draft. What a world....

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