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You know what they say - Birds of a feather...both have ties to Arkansas Since the news broke earlier this week about the Razorback coach's failed Easy Rider impersonation revealing his "transgressions" with a a young lady, the sports world has been playing close attention to what's going on down in Fayetteville.  Tonight, Arkansas AD Jeff Long announced the firing Bobby Petrino.  This was a surprise to some, as plenty of talking heads thought it would be hard for Long to fire a winning coach over his morally despicable behavior. And the dude isn't holding back any punches.  During the press conference, Long spewed out that Petrino had given his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, $20,000 dollars.  This was of course on top of the $55k she made annually in the position Petrino recently got her hired to as the student-athlete development coordinator. 20 g's.  You hear that, Rick?  #stepyourgameup  #simpinainteasy In other news, don't even begin to mention Petrino as a possible coaching option down the road for the Wildcats - Matt tweeted out that Barnhart and Brooks HATE Bobby Petrino.  That is all.  Post covering the UK vs. UofL baseball game coming up soon once it ends.

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