Bobby Petrino pulled the "hacked" card in denial of his Twitter activity

Bobby Petrino pulled the "hacked" card in denial of his Twitter activity

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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Louisville head coach and famed adulterer Bobby Petrino issued a statement this morning regarding his recent Twitter activity. In case you missed it, Petrino liked a tweet of mature and perverted nature, but insists he was "hacked," as they always do. “I was alerted this morning that there was inappropriate material on my official Twitter account," Petrino said, in a statement from his premium PornHub account the university. "While the account is generally under my supervision, there are multiple people, and possibly an unauthorized user who have access to my account. We’ve always taken the appropriate steps to make sure our official social media accounts are secure and are we taking measures to make sure this situation never happens again.” Come on, Bobby boy. Own up to it. Tell us all about that exotic masturbation and the Bouquet of Gardenias.

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