Boogie Supports Enes...and is Censored

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
elvisenes One of the better parts of Big Blue Madness this year was the set of messages given by the 5 NBA Draft picks from last year's team, all of whom sent out greetings to the fans and the new players for this team. Among the highlights were John Wall telling the fans to let the new players be their own men, Patrick Patterson expressing how much he missed Lexington and its fans and Demarcus Cousins rocking out a "Free Enes!" shirt and saying "Free Enes! on his video. Well that was a highlight, but you didnt see it. UK made the decision to blur out the shirt and the shoutout to Enes was taken off the video. My guess as to the reason for this decision was to not make a big production of the Kanter support, especially since the NCAA decided to allow Kanter to go through the ceremonies (although still not practice). But unfortunately that meant that Boogie, who was actually one of the fathers of the Free Enes! movement with his Twitter hash tag, didnt get to showcase his shoutout to the fans and Kanter. So while we didnt see it, we now at least know....Boogie is for freeing Enes...another reason he is a KSR Hall of Famer.

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