Boogie the next Derrick Coleman?

Boogie the next Derrick Coleman?

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


cousins-call-me That's the claim, from an unnamed Western Conference scout, that Sports Illustrated printed in its most recent edition. Seemingly all season, Cousins has had people questioning his attitude and behavior, and at times he hasn't done a great job of giving them reason to do otherwise. But already grouping him in with one of the biggest busts of the last 25 years is jumping to a pretty presumptuous conclusion. Still, the scout didn't seem to mince words when talking about Boogie:
"I don’t think he has the will to play -But he’s lazy. He takes way too many plays off. He needs structure and that staff isn’t giving it to him. He’s got so much potential, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole. Somebody out there is going to pay him someday and once he gets his money, he’s done. He will turn into Derrick Coleman."
Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is a little ridiculous. After all, Cousins is averaging better numbers than any rookie not named John Wall or blakegriffinjustdunkedonsomeoneagain. It seems that the scout, while labeling Cousins' a big-time bust, has just gone ahead and formed an opinion without really putting in the time to make it properly informed. You know what we call that? Scouting like a moron. So I think what this tells us, if nothing else, is that this guy will almost certainly turn into the next Matt Millen. Oh, well. Haters gon' hate. Go Boogie. [HT: The Bo]

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