Booker and Ulis, "Best Friends for Life"

Booker and Ulis, "Best Friends for Life"

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis are best friends, roommates, backcourt teammates in the second platoon and they will soon be splitting up when Booker begins preparing for the NBA Draft. Today, Booker was asked what role Ulis played in the decision and how hard it is to leave him in Lexington after only one season together. “I talked to him a lot about it, but Tyler wanted me to do what’s best for myself too," Booker told reporters, following today's press conference. "Everyone knows we’re going to be best friends for life. Me moving on, that’s not going to change anything, really. I’d love to play with him more, be on the court with him again, but hopefully (we will) one day in the future.” When Booker first told Ulis he will declare for the draft, Ulis told him, "I am really proud of you."

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