Bowl Pick Em......One game left in Segment 1

Bowl Pick Em......One game left in Segment 1

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
OK folks, one more game and it is big. Time to pick the winner of the Emerald Bowl between Florida State and UCLA. UCLA is a 3 point favorite and you should pick the game AGAINST THE SPREAD. Now I have tallied up the totals after the first seven games (thus not including the game last night between Midd Tenn St. and Central Michigan. As I said before, the top 20 (and ties) will move on Automatically to the next segment. For everyone else, in order to get into the money round (all the games Jan 1 and after), you will have to win the special contests along the its not over either way. After seven games, here were the people with 5 or more correct....thus on the path to make it: Stroker Ace Tubby Cat Sliggity Chitown Cat cscott The Dude AMH Cats and Cubs ukforever Mike Hancock skirck2 mrbluehead mmfiji kentapolis corporate autocrat Mr Mujumdar Chris jauk Cant Get Right Gerry Dinardo gwblak Jaime Intern If you got 3 or even 4 of the first seven, you are still in it, so pick wisely is a money game!

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