Bracketology: Kentucky still a five-seed

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


Our friend Joey Brackets is back with another Bracketology update, and for Kentucky, not a lot has changed. The Cats are still a five-seed, this time in the East Region playing opening round games in Boise, Idaho.

Lunardi has eight SEC teams in, moving Auburn down after their loss to Texas A&M last night and Missouri, Tennessee, and Florida up after wins.

  • Auburn (3)
  • Tennessee (3)
  • Kentucky (5)
  • Florida (7)
  • Missouri (8)
  • Alabama (9)
  • Texas A&M (9)
  • Arkansas (10)

Think what you will of Lunardi’s projections (not sure why he moved Auburn down and not Texas A&M up), but on Sunday afternoon, we’ll get a sneak peek of the actual Selection Committee’s Top 16 teams. As NCAA Director of Media Coordination David Worlock joked last night, the parity in college basketball this season hasn’t made it easy:



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