Brandon Knight needs a nickname!
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Brandon Knight needs a nickname!

Drew Franklinover 10 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


KSR Nation, it's time to help our brother to the north. I'm talking about the people in Detroit. They were very good to us when we visited (by that I mean they didn't murder us) and they're cashing in on that favor we owe them. Detroit Bad Boys blog is looking for a nickname for the Pistons' new point guard. We kind of tried this when Brandon first came to UK but now there is new material to play around with in Detroit. So far, the blog's suggestions are bad. Real bad...

1.  Brandon "Knight Rider"  Knight 2. Brandon "Knight Man" Knight (Joining with the Daye Man) 3a. Brandon "Knight who says Ni" Knight & his Knights of the Round Ball 3b. Brandon "The Dragon Slayer" Knight & the Knights who say No Free Chili. 4. Brandon "Oh-What-A" Knight 5. Brandon "Starry" Knight 6. Brandon "Oh Holy" Knight 7. Brandon " Luck Be a Lady To" Knight 8. Brandon "No More Lonely" Knight(s) 9. Brandon 'The Freaks Come Out At" Knight 10. Brandon "Talladega" Knight 11. Brandon "Gonna Get Some To" Knight Let's show 'em what we can come up with in the comments section. It's what we do.

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