Brandon Knight Selected to USA Team

Will Lentzover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz


Following in the path of last years best undecided recruit John Wall, Brandon Knight was selected to be a part of the USA junior select team in the Nike Hoop Summit this year.  Last years team included both Wall and Cousins, as well as freshmen phenoms that aren’t attending UK, like Xavier Henry and Pooptooth.  It also included freshmen phenoms that aren’t even playing basketball this year, like Miss States Renardo Sidney.

While this team, to my knowledge, features less dorky white players going to Duke it also has fewer commits to Kentucky.  Knight will be sharing the ball with a trio of UNC commits, Memphis’s Will Barton, UT’s Tobias Harris, and fellow Kentucky recruit Terrence Jones.  These all star games are more about the pageantry than any real competition (displayed by the fact that Team USA lost last year,) but to be selected is still an honor.  And as a Kentucky fan, it’s fun to finally have a reason to watch these games again.  The game is still a long ways away, but here’s to hoping Jones and Knight get matching Calipari-Face Tattoos before March.

In other, probably unrelated news, Jim Calhoun announced he is taking an indefinite leave of absence.  Early reports suggesting that Jay Leno will be taking over his coaching duties.

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