Breaking down the All-Access: Kentucky preview

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Last night during Monday Night Football, ESPN aired a preview of the upcoming "All Access: Kentucky" series we've been buzzing about for the past few weeks. The preview, which you can see by clicking the pic above, shows Cal eating breakfast at Wheeler's Pharmacy with some local fans. It may only be thirty seconds, but it is thirty seconds of solid gold (insert obligatory Pitino joke here). Here are my highlights: Open scene: 9:35 a.m. Microwave Time. Eggs, pancakes and bacon on the grill. I like where this is going. So does Cal, who peppers his eggs enthusiastically: I see you, Oscar Combs! Enter this guy, who asks Cal what he thinks about this year's team: "Ummm..." "Not gonna be as good this year, huh?" "Absolutely, we will not be as good." [Worried chewing] Enter the star of the show, Johnny Gold Chainz: "That's what you said about that team last year, wasn't it?" [Hearty laughter] "We had a little swag last year because I knew." This guy after the kid next to him explains what "swag" is: "This team's not as tough as last year's." Is he being serious or not? "We've gotta figure out how we play with these guys." Is that a smirk or just open mouth chewing? I can't wait to find out tomorrow night.

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