Breaking Down the Funniest UK Play of the Year

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cats Sometimes there are moments in games that you know will stay with you forever. A certain instance when greatness comes together to produce a clip or highlight that you could replay in your mind forever. This clip of John Wall going into the press area is just such a moment. Before we break it down, take a look again: Now of course true basketball analysts will focus on unimportant things such as how Wall is a tremendous athlete who will put everything on the line for his team and give up his body in the pursuit of winning. And yes all of that is true. But what is much funnier (and thus more important) are the hilarious reactions by those around Wall as he jumps onto the press table. Three to focus on: 1. Dick Gabriel: Gabriel (sans goatee) is the guy who is sitting right at the place where Wall jumps on the table. His look of disgust/horror and then the subsequent loss of balance is the type of zeroed in moment that could join the John Wall Dance/Boogie dancing with the mascot in KSR lore if created into a .gif file. If I were friends with Dick (and I am not), I would make certain that his face would go on t-shirts for the next get together in which he could be mocked. 2. Dance Team Member: As we have suggested on many live blogs, the reality is that when the dance team does not wear white pants, bad things happen. The dance team girl sees the oncoming car wreck occuring between Wall and Gabriel and seems to be headed for tears unmatched at any event outside of a Jonas Brothers concert. She too has a look for the ages and one only hopes she has been able to recover since last night. 3. Alan Cutler: Possibly my favorite reaction however comes from (who else) Alan Cutler. Sitting just a couple of seats from Gabriel, Alan watches the whole event without even flinching. His moustache stays in place and it looks as if Alan is watching an ant crawl down the table. He has no care in the world and is not the least bit unnerved by the proceedings. It is sort of a "look I was here the night when Claude Bassett got drunk at the Christmas party and sat on Hal Mumme's face...nothing scares me" type look. I will cherish it forever. This clip is priceless and I hope it never goes away. Gabriel, cheerleader and Cutler...a threesome of reactions for the ages.

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