Breaking News: God Makes Kentucky Lose to Gardner-Webb to send Garrett Stutz a Message
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Breaking News: God Makes Kentucky Lose to Gardner-Webb to send Garrett Stutz a Message

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
garrettstutz9_6200.jpeg I am always hesitant to give my personal opinions on the players that Kentucky recruits for a variety of different reasons. Some are matters of taste and decorum and some are simply a realization that I dont want anything I say to ever have an effect on what a kid decides to do with his college decision. Having said that, sometimes kids strike me in various ways. It is no secret that I was a big fan of the personalities of Jai Lucas, Patrick Patterson and Marshall Moses. You may not know, but it is true, that I wasnt always excited about talking to JJ Hickson or Anthony Randolph. When you have multiple conversations with someone, you cant help but get a feel for how they react and their personalities....and often that cant help but have an effect on how you view them as a recruit. With that being said, I found Garrett Stutz, who committed yesterday to Wichita State, to be....well....unique. In conversations with he and his family, I often felt like I was talking to Ned Flanders and the boys and I sort of wondered if it could actually be real. Dont get me wrong, they were nice.....but also a little sheltered and I questioned how Stutz might react to the spotlight of UK basketball. Then today came news of this quote (via TCP) from the Wichita Eagle: "I was like 'Wow, I think God's trying to tell me something here. I think that was the final sign. God was leading me to Wichita State." When I saw that quote, not only did I find it bizarre, but it didnt surprise me one bit. To Stutz and his family, God decided the outcome of a basketball game....involving two teams in a pre-season tournament (the kind God really focuses on) order to tell Garrett where to go to school. Of course....why didnt I think of that. Whereas I thought God made UK lose to Gardner-Webb so I could have more callers to my radio show, Garrett showed me the light and proved the real reason behind the defeat. Many in the UK fanbase have been asking themselves....why could Kentucky lose this game. Was it the players left behind by the previous coach....the attitudes of the guys on the team....or the coaching moves of the new leader. Worry no more my friends, we now know the answer. It was to send Garrett to Wichita, Kansas. I feel a sense of peace.

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