Breakout NBA Players for 2013

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We're talking 2013...but this picture is too awesome/weird not to use. If you want to be annoyed by a site where you have to click an arrow 12 times just so they get more page hits for on article, click here to read Bleacher Report's piece titled "DeMarcus Cousins and 10 NBA Youngsters Who Will Explode in 2013." While I the comment section and general sane population are not fans of this site, they raise the valid question of which NBA players will explode in 2013. They use DeMarcus Cousins as their flagship explodee, so they get props for that. Let's check out their list, then try to add some more:
1. DeMarcus Cousins 2. Greg Monroe 3. Ricky Rubio 4. Kyrie Irving 5. Kawhi Leonard 6. Klay Thompson 7. Ty Lawson 8. Anthony Davis 9. Kenneth Faried 10. John Wall
Well, obviously I agree with at least three of the choices -- Wall, Cousins, and Davis. While Wall did not explode as high as some predicted he would (and honestly should have) his second year, there is a strong drive and immense talent inside this kid that will make sure he hits true stride ASAP. Cousins pretty much exploded this year, as he is unstoppable, but he will surely only get better in his third season. Anthony Davis may be a newcomer, but everything he has shown so far makes me believe that his rookie-ceiling will be much higher than anyone we have seen in a while. So long as Rubio makes a healthy comeback, I think his hype will at least give him a year of solid numbers, but 'explode' may be an exaggeration. I am a believer in Irving and Faried, and maybe Monroe, but the other guys are still question marks in my mind. As far as additions, I see Brandon Knight having a great year. While it is hard for a guy without major size, insane speed, or ultra-elite special strength to explode, Knight seems primes to put up some really great numbers for the Pistons this year. His amazing mental game combined with sweet stroke should allow for him to come out strong for his second year. Also, he's supposedly beefed up, which will allow him, if he so chooses, to become a more physical point guard and force himself into the lane and take that tough NBA-style body contact to the rack. Any other ideas? Comment with your case for another breakout NBA player for next season (and yes, I predict Terrence Jones to be the first comment).

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