Brent Slusher from BELL COUNTY

by:Matt Jones02/20/06

As some of you know, I was fortunate enough to grow up in Southeastern Kentucky in the town of Middlesboro, located in Bell County. Over the years, I have taken much pride in those from my hometown, ranging from doctors to lawyers to Broadway performers to Lee Majors. What we have lacked however is an athlete of legendary proportions. We had a Mayhall who played basketball and Greg Page, the first black athlete in the SEC (who was tragically killed), but no real superstars.

But now here comes major Division 1 prospect, Brent Slusher. One of the only 8 players that Joker Phillips believes are of Division 1 caliber in Kentucky next year, Slusher is being recruited by UK and UL but also Florida St and Miami. There hasnt been this type of recruitment in Kentucky in many years, since Eric Witherspoon was recruited by Penn St in 1995. I must say that the KSR blog will be following this recruitment closely….as it is the biggest thing since sliced bread down there…..well until Stuart Miller breaks the state 3 point record next week!

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