Bring Victoria's Secret to UK with Twitter

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If you are the typical male UK fan, three things in life are important to you: 1) Uiversity of Kentucky sports 2) bourbon 3) those among us of the female persuasion. (And yes, we do keep stats on the IP addresses of each person who right-click-save-as's the fans of the day pics to their 'pron' folder.) Just kidding. But really...don't be a creep. Anyways, as you can see above, the school has asked El Capitan Jones to use his vast and magical social media power to help Vicky's Secret throw a fiesta of epic proportions at an upcoming football game. You may be asking yourselves, "How does that work?" a la Bomani Jones. Let me explain -- it's simple. Just Retweet Matt's tweet above and help bring Victoria's Secret to a UK football tailgate this season. Make sure to include #tailgatewithpink as well. Do your part in bringing about what could be the highlight of the football season. And I consider myself an optimist, so that's saying a lot. @KySportsRadio + @vspink = #lafamilia.

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