Bruce Pearl Getting Advice from Marc Maggard

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
fgd How did this news slip by me? A keen reader sent me this golden nugget. If you read Eric Crawford's Blog (which does have good stuff from time to time from a guy that I do like), then you may have seen this, but I missed it. In his post-game commentary from the UT game, he had this paragraph slipped in.... One interesting scene after the game. Like many coaches now, Tennessee's Bruce Pearl does his postgame radio show in front of fans at Thompson-Boling Arena. He signs autographs and poses for pictures during the commercial breaks. Last night, even an hour after taking a beating on national television and giving up 54 to Meeks, Pearl was mingling with fans, even a group of UK fans, spent five minutes talking to a man who has a new restaurant in Knoxville, was patient when Marc Maggard approached him and tried to sell him on a point guard somewhere or other, then spoke again to Pat, Brett and me, who had missed his post-game news conference to chase UK. I don't think you'd see that from many coaches after a home-court loss to an arch-rival. Lol there is a lot to love here. Cant you just see Bruce Pearl being "patient" with Marc as he talks about some random kid to the sweaty man? Dont you love the idea of Forde, Dawson and Crawford watching that scene? And what is more damning.....Pearl having to deal with Marc's claim of random PG greatness or him possibly ACTUALLY LISTENING to Marc? I guess this proves it....Marc Maggard, scout extraordinaire, UK website master and provider of talent to UK's biggest rival. That is a true Renaissance man.....

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