Bruce Pearl says, "That game made me want to Vol-mit."

Bruce Pearl says, "That game made me want to Vol-mit."

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ramel.jpg Look past the fact that you just read the worst headline in the history of sports journalism and focus on the fact that our beloved Cats just knocked off the number 5 ranked team in the country! Tennessee came into this game leading the league in scoring, forced turnovers, and Smiths and left with an "L" courtesy of a Billy Gillispie gameplan executed to perfection. The fun n' gun Vols were held to a season low 66 points (with 6 of those coming in desperation time) and the pace of the game was entirely dictated by Kentucky. The only way the Cats could have won this game was to make it ugly and they succeeded in spades, having a relatively easy time with Tennessee's vaunted press. This victory comes despite a strong performance from Kentuckian Chris Lofton who fittingly used Rupp Arena as the venue from which to break the SEC's career 3-point mark. I, for one, could not be happier for seniors Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford who, like in the Vandy game, seemed to will the Cats to victory tonight. Props are also due to Patrick Patterson's all-around performance and Perry Stevenson doing his best Kenyon Martin impression. For the second time in two weeks a top 15 team from the state of Tenneesee has Tennessee Waltzed into Rupp Arena looking to maintain momentum on the national scene and has left with a loss at the hands of the hardscrabble Wildcats. No, we can't beat juggernauts like Gardner-Webb or San Diego in Rupp, but when you throw a cupcake our way like UT or Vandy, Rupp Arena can still stir up some magic. Matt will have more later, but enjoy this big win for a while. Go Cats.

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