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  Welcome to Signing Day!!! As Matt said last night, "For a team like UK, the only real news that can come from signing day is bad news."  If you're the Cats, you just want the commits to all sign and to get Aaron Boyd.  They probably are not going to steal anyone but the possibly of losing someone is dangerous.  So, besides the Boyd signing, hopefully nothing suprising happens.  The links will be shortened so more news can be posted during the day.  1. After 1 day of voting, there are 2 clear frontrunners in the election for KSR Favorite Blogger, but votes came in for 11 different people, including 4 write-ins.  Remember, voting contiunes through Friday, so you can vote once a day.  Here are the results so far: (1) Original Intern: 31 % (2) Matt Jones: 28 % (3) Mosley: 8 % (4) Tomlin: 6 % (T-5) Bryan the Intern, Rob Gidel, Mattox, Bomani Jones: 4 % (T-9) Turkey Hunter, Hubby: 2 % 2. If you want a minute-by-minute update on EVERYTHING concerning local recruiting today, check out Jody Demling's blog.    3. Here is ESPN's recruiting recap for the Cats.  They are high on Donte Rumph and say Cartier Rice is the only commit that will definatly see the field in 2008.  But, they bring up the lack of a big time talent, mentioning that getting Aaron Boyd would be a great addition and would be able to remove that label from UK.  Interesting fact: this season will be the first time in 3 seasons the Cats will not have any commits in the Top 150 players in the country.  Also, they are missing out on 6 out of the top 7 players in the state, with Boyd being the other player.  All in all, the depth of the class is good, but the upper notch talent really doesn't exist.  Looks like the coaching staff will have a good group of kids to develop much like the group that just graduated. 4. Story in the Herald-Leader about UK's pursuit of 2 and 3 star recruits, feeling they often have more potential than the higher rated prospects.  It certainly worked with this year's senior class.  An interesting quote from Randy Sanders about the difference between recruiting at Tennessee and UK. 5. Injury update on Ramel, Jodie, and Joe.  They are calling Meeks "doubtful" for tonights game.  Can the Cats pull off a second straight gutsy road win without some of their key parts.  I certainly think so, especially since they are playing Auburn.

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