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Bryan the Intern's Clicks to Pick

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
dykstra.bmp21knob.jpg Yesterday was tough because even if there was good sports things going on, you wouldn't have seen them because of the Mitchell Report being released.  But, two interesting names came out yesterday that made me go WHAAAA?? First is Chuck Knoblauch, the former Yankees 2nd baseman.  Although in retrospect, I guess we know now why Chuck continually wizzed the ball over into the 1st base stands.  And the other is Lenny Dykstra, the former Phillies leadoff man.  Wanna talk about living a destructive life, not only did Lenny put the largest ball of dip in his lip every game, but he also decided bigger muscles were enough to shorten his life and minimize his manhood.  Other than that, a complete waste of 10 hours of good ESPN time.  On to the links:    1. If you want to get a quick update on a ton of basketball recruits, alot of which have Kentucky ties, here is a great article by Jody Demling of the Courier-Journal. 2. It's not so much that Kentucky is playing UAB tommorow in Freedom Hall, its that they are playing a Mike Davis team again, as the Courier-Journal explains today. 3. Love him or hate him, Mitch Barnhart is gonna be around for a few more years as UK Athletic Director.  He's done well with football and OK with basketball, and for that he gets a 100,000 dollard raise.  Seems right to me. 4. Here are the up to date national team recruiting rankings.  Currently, UK ranks 14th in country, the highest for a team with only two commitments.  For perspective, the Cats finished 11th in 2007 and 16th in 2006. 5. Quick article with Andre Woodson talking about the bowl game, the team's intensity, and the dissapointment with the end of the season. 6. If you have ever wondered what exactly happened to different UK football players in the NFL, here is a list(in alphabetical order).  Just click on the players name, and you will get their stats. Shane Boyd (Arizona) Otis Grigsby (Minnesota) Glenn Holt (Cincinnati) Jared Lornezen (NY Giants) Marlon McCree (San Diego) Dewayne Robertson (NY Jets) Yup, thats right.  There are only 6 active NFL players from the University of Kentucky right now.  Thats kinda sad.  Good thing there are 4 or 5 soon-to-be pros that are seniors on the team right now. 7. This story went slightly under the radar yesterday, but Louisville RB Anthony Allen is transferring from the school.  The more interesting part of this story is UL will not release Allen to go to Arkansas.  Think there is a little bit of animosity towards Bobby Petrino there? 8. Finally today, I know its been tough year so far, so I am gonna take you back to a better time: the 1996 smackdown of LSU in Baton Rouge.  Even watching it now, I dont know how a legitimate college basketball team allows 86 points in a half. 

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