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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
468106.jpg266151.jpg 1. It is a few days late, but here is the interview that Matt did with UK recruit Wesley Witherspoon on Thursday.  Seems like a really good kid that has alot of offers on the table.  2. On that same night, Matt also had a riveting interview with CBSsportsline columnist Greg Doyle.  Deep down in his soul, Greg has some UK fan in him.  Not because he loves anything Kentucky, but that he hates this Louisville basketball team that much.  This interview is very very entertaining, so its a must click. 3. Another story on a possible UK recruit: this time its Madisonville's Jon Hood, a 2009 recruit that all the top schools have an eye on.  4. I think I agree with Matt and anyone else who has a brain and watched the game on Saturday that someone else needed to guard Robert Vaden other than Michael Porter.  But guess who doesn't agree with that opinion: the only guy that matters, Coach Billy Gillispie.  He is quoted in this article, saying "I thought he did a good job of making his guy earn all those baskets." I know its still very early in the season, and I'm not jumping off the fan-wagon just yet, but the question needs to be asked: IS THIS GUY AN IDIOT? 5. With all the Gillispie-Legion drama, and talk of future transfers, the realtionship between Coach Gillispie and Joe Crawford has gone somewhat under the radar.  The Courier-Journal's Rick Bozich touches on the, shall we say, strained relationship between the two in Sunday's paper. 6. All in all, it has been a rough year in sports, especially in the Bluegrass.  The Herald Leader's Mark Story takes a more national approach to a scandal filled year in sports, where no athletes were free from the negative spotlight. 7. Thanks to Jody Demling and Rick Bozich for this interview with Rich Brooks on Friday.    8. Chip Cosby gives the scoop on all things Kentucky football, including a little recruiting update, an addition to the 2008 schedule, and a piece on Rich Brooks commitment to the university. 9. On friday, I gave you an update on all the players from UK currently in the NFL, all 6 of them.  Today, I give a slightly larger group of players, those currently in the NBA.  A little better list to say the least.  And honestly, as a UK fan, would you have it any other way? Derek Anderson (Charlotte) Kelenna Azubuike (Golden State) Keith Bogans (Orlando) Tony Delk (Detroit) Chuck Hayes (Houston) Jamaal Magloire (New Jersey) Nazr Mohammed (Charlotte) Randolph Morris (New York) Tayshaun Prince (Detroit) Rajon Rondo (Boston) Antoine Walker (Minnesota) A couple things stand out from this list: Nearly 1/3 of the NBA teams have a UK product on them.  Also, out of these 11 guys, only one is a point guard (Rondo).  It makes you wonder why JP Blevins, Saul Smith, Cliff Hawkins(although I liked Hawkins), or Patrick Sparks never made it to the league, or led a team to the final four. 10. Here's what I love about golfers.  They are the most pampered athletes in the world.  They only play in competition between 2-4 days a week, if it rains they dont play, they dont carry their own bags, they still get paid an average man's yearly salary for finishing LAST, they get hot wives that are over their heads, they have no steroid testing, they get to go to the most beautiful places in the world, they have a skill that most men would kill for, and YET they act like little girls simply because Tiger is that much better.  If I'm Tiger, I take the year long suspension I would probably get for hitting Rory Sabatinni over the face with my driver.  He can spend more time with his Sweddish model wife.

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