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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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s-miss-puerto-large.jpg 1. It has been an extremely rough year for beauty queens, and since I was told at the 1570 Christmas partry that we do not highlight women enough on the blog, I thought it was the right time to do this story.  First, we all hopefully saw the troubles that Miss Teen South Carolina went through, and what made it worse is she had to embarass herself standing next to Mario Lopez.  Then we learn the contestants from the Miss Puerto Rico contest poisoned an opponents dress and makeup, only to see their victim win.  And, now the people in Belgium have taken it to a new level when they boo a contestant because she couldn't speak Dutch, since she came from a French speaking region.  Suddenly, these paegents have more reason to watch than just the pretty girls and potential for one of them to fall down.  Oh yeah, that happened this year too2. While I agree that every game looks dangerous on the schedule this year, don't be fooled by Houston's 9-1 record.  Their best win out of those 9: Toldeo? Marist? 3. As much misery as the UK fanbase has had to deal with in the last few weeks, lets not forget that is not the only team with serious strggles in the state.  In his recap of the weekend, Gary Parrish touches on the current basketball status in the Bluegrass.  4. Cory McCartney of CNNSI felt left out after Parrish's article, so he made one of his own, and touched on both UK and UL losses this weekend. 5. An interesting article in the Courier-Journal today about Billy Gillispie's decision not to play certain players, such as AJ Stewart, Jared Carter, and Morakinyo Williams are not seeing a little more playing time when the current rotation of players doesn't seem to be working. 6. Mark Story touches on a hot topic around the Bluegrass right now, who is to blame more for this season's struglles: Tubby or Billy? My opinion, long term: Tubby, short term: Billy. This season's lack of talent pretty much rests on Tubby, but some games this season haven't been coached particulary well and that is on Billy. 7. If you clicked on the Greg Doyel interview from yesterday, you know now that Greg has what you might call bad feelings towards the UL Basketball team.  What suprises me though is that Greg didn't think his interview with Matt reached enough people, so he has now written an article on the subject, and its scathing to say the least. 8. I have always thought mascot's in this state really didnt cut it.  For what it's worth, WKU has the best mascot in the state hands down.  But none of our beloved state mascots have done anything quite as stupid as the mascots in these videos. 9. Now, here is a group of videos of humans doing embarassing things at sporting events. 10. It has been 10 years since the greatest SNL cast member of this generation, Chris Farley passed away.  Here are some of Farley's greatest skits, even one involving a famous UK athletic moment.

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