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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
charles-barkley-kiss-2.jpg Today's RPI: 185 (Down 10 spots from yesterday)  1. What do I think is the greatest thing going in the NBA right now? Charles Barkley.  Truly, I would never watch a TBS game if Charles Barkley was not in studio.  So, I give the greatest Barkley in-studio moments2. Pete Prisco has put out his list of the Top 32 NFL Draft prospects  for next year, and Andre Woodson is on it.  Andre may end up getting a great deal because if he is drafted late first round he will not be expected to contribute immediatly and we probably back up a really good QB.  Then again, ALOT of teams need a quarterback, so he might be drafted really high but start right away, and I don't think Andre can be really good right away.  What I hate more than any criticism of Andre is saying he has a less than strong arm.  Can he throw the ball 50 yards in the air? Yes.  Will he hardly ever make a throw that travels over 50 yards in the air? No.  So why do QB's need to be able to chuck the ball from one end zone to the next.  In fact, in the NFL they rarley throw it more than 20 yards in the air.  Air strength will not be Andre's problem.  His lack of mobility and sometimes questionable pocket awareness may though.  I'm no Mel Kiper though.  3. Speaking of UK QB's, an article in the Courier-Journal about Curtis Pulley.  One thing we learn is that Curtis couldn't stand that whole "job thing" and "gettin up at 6" so he quit his warehouse job after 2 weeks.  I guess he does like the whole "third-string thing". 4. A feature article on the improvment of Jared Carter's confidence in the Herald-Leader today.  Now if only we could improve his talent. 5. There are some Hall of Fame coaches and some of the best in the buiness today that have struggled in their first and sometimes second season at new schools.  This article gives some perspective in Coach Gillispie's troubles and hopefully cheers up the fanbase a little. 6. Larry Vaught isn't sure what it going on right now in the UK Basketball program, as evidenced by today's article.  One interesting note: Michael Porter was playing on a sprained ankle in the Houston game, proving why he continually fell over for no reason.  So explain to me why your best player can not play on a sprained ankle, but one of your worst did. And I am not saying PP should have played, I am more saying Porter shouldn't have if he couldn't even pivot without falling over like he had been shot. 7. What a great way to start the bowl season, a barnburner between Utah and Navy last night in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.  The Utes won 35-32, and what got to see how that exciting triple option is run.  Up next is a game that just makes you want to throw a party, the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl between Memphis and Florida Atlantic.  Maybe that packaging company can ship this game to Cuba and leave it there. 8. A really good article that has links to a ton of funny videos from the year 2007.  Included: a Stephon Marbury idiot interview, the Appalachain St. final play call, and Don Imus destroying his career.

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