Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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1. UK basketball office WILL NOT SAY if Liggins is qualified 2. UK makes Final 10 for Derrick Favors 3. UK Cheerleaders win 16th national title (update: In typical BTI fashion, I misread a link from another site and as all you cheering enthusiasts figured out (I'm talking to you Beisner), this story was from January.  But, we should celebrate the cheerleading squad year round) 4. Micah Johnson set for big year 5. Kentucky's strength may be Front 4 6. Kentucky football still with many streaks needed to be broken 7. Michael Phelps breaks records, still gets criticized (It's not like he waved a Nazi flag on the medal stand, all he did was smile and wave instead of singing the national anthem, lets give the man a break, from what I saw maybe 5-10% of ALL athletes sang their country's anthem, but I guess since Phelp's did it 8 times over it's getting pointed out)

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