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hayes_woody.jpg 1. If you didn't get to see the Holiday Bowl last night, nice job, because the game was never in question.  Texas whipped Arizona State 52-34, but there was one very funny moment early in the 2nd quarter.  After a ASU fumble, a Texas assistant coach reached out and maybe touched the ball, which was eventually recovered by the Longhorns.  The coach has a flag thrown on him, and the ball was given back to the Sun Devils, half the distance to the goal.  What makes it even better, is this coach was Mack Brown's stepson.  I wonder how Mack approcahes this one with the 2nd wife.  Anyway, it made me think about 2 of the greatest coach becomes part of the game moments.  One is local, one is not2. I went out to Fairdale last night for the quarterfinals of the King of the Bluegrass.  For all of last nights box scores and recaps, click here.  There are three guys that UK fans have heard some/alot about, Scotty Hopson of University Heights (whose team won), and Chad Jackson and Dakotah Euton of Rose Hill (whose team got smoked). Here are my thoughts on the 3 guys. Scotty Hopson: Through 3 quarters: 3 pts., 6 minutes, 4 fouls, alot of pouting                          4th quarter: 18 pts, carried team to victory Hopson is by far the best player out of the 3 mentioned. He had two thunderous dunks in that 4th quarter and showed a very nice pull up jumper. But, for me, he is a risk to take because he's not the greatest on hustle, didn't rebound particualry well for the tallest guy on the floor, and like I said showed a fairly bad attitude through 3 quarters. But, when he decided to take over the game, it was a man against boys. I don't see his attitude meshing with Coach Gillispie particualry well. Chad Jackson: 26 pts, 9 rbs. For a sophmore, is really, really good. Extremely quick with the dribble and was great at finishing around the basket. Hustled well and a good rebounder for his size. But, made a ton of mistakes, both with silly fouls and turnovers. Did not handle the press well, but I cut him some slack because there was no one else on Rose Hill that could dribble. If he gets no better his last 3 years at Rose Hill, then I wouldn't take him. But, I bet he gets better and will be a really good pickup in 2010. Dakotah Euton: 8 pts, 10 rbs. I really hate to say this because he is the only one out of the three to have commited to UK, but he just isn't very good. He is extremely slow, and I mean painfully slow. Think Jared Carter but many inches shorter. He is strong, but had his shot blocked several times because of poor jumping ability and showed no game outside of 8 feet. Took one outside shot and airballed it. Maybe he will improve, but at his size, if he grows no more, I can't see UK following though with this kid. If they do, he will be another project big man. 3. I didn't get to see Wesley Witherspoon, but Jody Demling of the Courier-Journal did, and gives you an update on the UK recruit4. A UK blog and an FSU blog have agreed to exchange questions before the game, hoping to get a little more insight into the other team that the average fan might not know.  A good idea if you ask me.  Here are the FSU blog's answers to the questions sent to them. 5. It appears that Cats are trying to remain motivated for the Music City Bowl on Monday. They don't want to fall into the same trap as Clemson did last year.  But at this point, it's hard to imagine UK being really sharp for the game.  The Cats win this game, but they are sloppy doing it.  My prediction: UK 27, FSU 21. 6. Jason King of Yahoo sports(which is no competition to YouTube sports) has released his holiday wishes, one of which is for the UK basketball program. 7. CNNSI has released a photo gallery of its Top 25 games of the year.  There may be a couple that folks in the Bluegrass remember.  Overall, I think it was a down year in sports, but there were a ton of great individual games. 8. Where would sports be without cheerleaders.  OK, we would be in the same place, but we wouldn't have those special cheerleader screw-ups like this list of 10. 9. One quick addition for today.  The Top 25 hottest sports wives list.  These good looking sports women lists just never end.

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