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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

Bryan the Internabout 13 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  RIP Don Haskins (1930-2008) Before we get into the links, lets take a look at where the conferences rank after "Week 2", percentage of games played against BCS teams in parenthese: Big 12: 22-2 non-conference, 3-1 vs BCS teams (16.7%) Big 10: 18-3 non-conference, 3-2 vs BCS teams (23.8%) SEC: 17-3 non-conference, 4-2 vs BCS teams (30%) Pac-10: 7-3 non-conference, 3-2 vs BCS teams (50%) ACC: 13-7 non-conference, 2-5 vs BCS teams (35%) Big East: 8-7 non-conference, 0-3 vs BCS teams (20%) So, the Big 12 continues to play a weak schedule, but when they have played other BCS schools, they have won 3 out of 4.  And after all the crap the SEC gets for weak schedules, they have played the second most games against BCS schools, and won the most out of any conference.  The "pundits and experts" out there are all trying to find some way to knock the SEC down, buts its still top-dog.  Oh, and the Big East is just plain embarassing.  Onto the links: 1. WOW, John Clay is more mad about the booing than Matt Jones would be at a John McCain rally 2. 2 ESPN "experts" give their updated bowl projections (I'll ruin the suspense.  One has UK going to the Bowl, the other doesn't have the Cats bowling) 3. What do you think will be the big storyline around the football team this week? (The Courier-Journal thinks it will be the QB battle.  They sure are good reporters over there.) 4. 2009 guard Chris Colvin has offer from UK though USC is leader  5. If you didn't see it, you HAVE to watch the last seconds of the BYU-Washington game (Ummm...can you say hosed!!) 6. Don Haskins passes away 7. Bill Clinton gets REJECTED 8. One thing you never do is kiss a MMA fighter 9. American fans at the US Open give a Serbian the blues (Cold War II!!!!!!)

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