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The Picks to Click are back after a 5-day layoff and we have lots of catching up to do, both in UK sports and elsewhere.  And I cant think of a year that I am more anxious for the UL game, for the simple fact that the team will be at full strength on national TV for the first time, and they get a floundering Louisville program to boot.  If you ask me 2 weeks ago, I say UK loses by 15 to the Cards, even without David Padgett.  But, after watching UL lose to Cincinnati on Tuesday at Freedom Hall, one thing stands out: they can't score for consistent stretches.  It will be a somewhat low scoring game, but I think the "better" offense of UK wins for a fourth straight year.  On the links: 1. It is RPI Thursday, and even with the win over Florida International, the Cats status has not improved much.  But, with 2 games against Tennessee and 2 more against Vandy, they have chances to get better.  Last week, I said if he Cats finish 10-6 in conference play, they would get an at-large bid, but with the loss to San Diego, I think to feel comfortable, the Cats need to go 11-5.  This seemed unlikely 2 weeks ago, but it just may happen with a healthy team.  Here is the link to the current RPI and SEC RPI.  UK Current RPI: 234 Average RPI of UK wins: 289 Average RPI of UK losses: 107 Best win: Texas Southern (236) Worst Loss: Gardner Webb (217) Wins vs Top 100 teams: 0 Losses vs Top 100 teams: 4 Remaining games against Top 100 teams: 8 2. No suprise here after seeing that current resume, but Jerry Tipton gives us the reasons why UK would not be in the NCAA tournament as of today.  3. Over the next 2 days, I will give you as many UK-UL videos as Youtube and other places will allow.  Today, the last minute of the 2004 game (the Patrick Sparks game),  and the 1987 buzzer beating win for the Cats. 4. It has been a long time since UK-UL were each struggling this bad coming into the game (UK's win on Monday excluded).  But, as Rick Bozich points out, it adds an extra motivation to the game as well, as both teams are trying to help their NCAA resume, and a loss puts them at an extreme disadvantage. 5. Hal Morris gives you what Billy Gillispie's attitude is coming into the big rivalry game.  Remember, Billy G beat the Cards in last years NCAA Tournament, so thats one thing he's got going for him. 6. So, which season was more impressive for the UK football program: 2006 or 2007? Rick Bozich of the Courier-Journal gives his take, and I think he hits it right on.  The 2007 team's 8 wins are better than the 2006 squad, not to mention the strides of the defense, and handling expectations.    7. If you are wandering who is gonna be in those all important skill positions on next year's football team, the Courier-Journal gives you some ideas.  No question there will be no way to replicate the production of the guys lost, but the backups this year got a great example of how to play the game and the results it can bring if you keep at it.  8. For those listeners of the radio show, you have heard Greg Doyel many times and know he is not afraid to be critical, in fact he seems to have more hate for things than anyone alive.  But, it makes for a pretty funny blog. 9. This interview happened earlier in the year, but this is the first time I had seen the video, and I show it now in tribute of USC's thrashing of Illinois in the Rose Bowl.  How stupid is OJ Simpson? He gets away with murder and then is dumb enough to go on television and take questions.  Nonetheless, he has everything coming to him now and this funny interview was the start. 10. Speaking of interviews, here is a video list of the 10 most awkward interview moments in sports.

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