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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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We are down to 2 days left in the "KSR Favorite Blogger" contest.  We have already seen The Intern break ranks and support Mosley (I think) over his brother BTI.  And we saw 2 hours of back and forth mud-slinging not seen since Obama-McCain 2008.  But, somehow and someway, Thomas Beisner, the 2nd most junior writer on this blog, you could say the Sarah Palin of this contest, continues to build on his lead.  Fraud anyone?  Nonetheless, here are the unofficial standings so far: Beisner: 39 votes (35.1%) Mosley: 22 votes (19.8%) Tomlin: 14 votes (12.6%) Matt Jones: 13 votes (11.7%) BTI: 10 votes (9.0%) Evan Hilbert: 7 votes (6.3%) Fake Gimel Martinez: 5 votes (4.5%) Bobby Perry: 1 vote (0.9%) So KEEP VOTING!!!! Cats still looking to build on 6 wins Gillispie hopes Cats can transfer good practice into games UK volleyball moves to 22-3 on the year Updated BCS Standings (I'm OK with Texas Tech jumping Penn St., but for Texas to still remain ahead of Florida, its quite frankly a sham) Here is an Anchorman quote for every NBA team Not to be sexist, but women suck at driving

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