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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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photophoto IF YOU LIVE IN THE CITY OF LOUISVILLE, BRUCE PEARL WILL BE ON THE FRONT ROW ON 93.9FM THE TICKET AT 1PM EASTERN.  IF NOT IN LOUISVILLE, YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE STREAMING AT  1. Look, I get that the defense didn't play great against Georgia.  But, lets not overblow the situation that faced the Cats D.  They only had to matchup with a QB that most predict will be the top pick in this year's NFL draft, the best running back in the SEC (who I thought the Cats did a pretty good job against) and two top-teir wideouts.  While the Georgia O is probably not clicking as much as Florida, I would argue they have as much if not more talent.  Nonetheless, this article from Rick Bozich says for once, the defense let down the offense. John Clay piles on by saying this defense should not be considered one of the school's all-time greats. 2. There's no doubt that the UK roster is deeper this year.  But Brett Dawson poses what I consider a legitimate question: Does a deeper roster mean a better roster? My opinion: of course it means its a better roster, BUT it doesnt mean it wont be any less frustrating.  Too many brand new guys to just fill in perfectly.  This season comes down to 2 points: Can Jodie Meeks be a big-time scorer (YES) and can Michael Porter run the point effectively (??????).  MARK THIS DOWN: Jodie Meeks will score 30+ points against the hard-charging VMI team on Friday. 3. The Courier-Journal article about the season resting on the shoulders on Patrick Patterson, much like it did on Jamal Mashburn in 1992-93. 4. In the world of UK athletics other than football and basketball: The 19th ranked volleyball team smashed Arkansas and the women's basketball team slipped past Bellarmine in an exhibition.  5. The BCS commissioners have to be breathing a sigh of relief after Penn St. lost to Iowa Saturday.  What it basically means for them is the SEC and Big 12 champs will most likely meet for the national title.  Obviously, as the updated BCS standings show, Alabama and Texas Tech control their own destiny.  The team who really has it good though: Texas.  Get this: IF Oklahoma beats Texas Tech in 2 weeks, then those two teams plus the Longhorns will have one conference loss.  The Big 12 South champion will be determined by who has the highest BCS ranking, which would probably be Texas.  Then, all they have to do is beat Missouri and they play the SEC champ for the national title.  Florida has to knock off Alabama to earn their spot.  For my money, I would LOVE to see a Florida-Texas Tech championship.  That would be a whole lot of fun. 6. Eric Crawford has begun the questioning of Steve Kragthorpe's job security with a GREAT stat: Coach K (gag) has lost 10 games in just 21 total games.  It took Ron Cooper 24 games to reach that number and Bobby Petrino NEVER reached that number.  OUCH!! To give this a little UK flavor, lets ask this question: would UL be the WORST team in the SEC? I say they beat Mississippi St. but its close, and they couldnt beat anyone else, even Tennessee. 7. Speaking of the embarassment that is the UL athletic department, check out this story: You may remember the story of Patrick Henry Hughes, the UL student who is blind and in a wheelchair yet still is a member of the marching band and was highlighted on Extreme Home Makeover.  Even UK fans had to feel inspired by this kid's story.  Well, it turns out UL has now "forced" HUghes out of the pep band (different than the marching band) because its part of the athletic department and Hughes did not meet the requirements.  Reports are the university wanted to approve ALL of Hughes' speaking engagements, something like 20 a month.  So, all this guy did was bring amazingly good publicity to something like your band, and you force him out and now he PUBLICLY is criticzing you.  This is more embarassing than 27-2.

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