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Remember in this tough economy, it's key to get your name and business out there.  Advertise with KSR, and have tens of thousands of eyes look at your product everyday.  Just ask Boone's Butcher Shop and the Season Never Ends Calander how much advertsing has paid off.  If interested, email me at [email protected]. FYI: Kentucky is now 69th in the RPI.  1. Billy G has taken alot of heat this season about his "coaching ability", but you have to give the man credit.  In Vegas, he had a pretty good week.  Thats not to say that the team played very well, but Gillispie seemed to press the right buttons.  We know now that he was tied up with Porter against WVU, but his insertion of Harrelson and Darius Miller for serious minutes in the Kansas St. game turned out the be a great move.  And the halftime change to lob inside to PPat and Jorts was a great strategy move.  So, the moral of this story is: STOP BEING SO DAMN FRUSTRATING COACH!! 2. Lets also give some props out to the ladies team, who won the Laguardia Turkey Classic, taking down national "power" Long Island in the process.  And why does everything is the New York/New Jersey area have to be slapped with the Laguardia name?  What name would you place on everything in the Kentucky area?  I would think the answer is Boone's Butcher Shop, but maybe I'm biased. 3. Here's a nice little story in the Advocate-Messanger that has Patrick Patterson talking about the incoming recruits for next season and his bond with Daniel Orton.  He is also asked if he promised Orton to be back next year and said "I couldn't promise him that."  Ouch.  4. NBA Recap: Rondo fills up stat sheet again, Celtics roll Nazr plays 8 minutes, makes case for all-star game

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