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1. I will say this about the Cats early season turnover problems: it's great that they are early season.  You know whats kinda interesting: The loss to VMI was NOT caused by turnovers, meaning that despite the many turnovers already, it actually hasn't cost the Cats any games.  Billy Gillispie had many of the same sentiments in this article in the Courier-Journal. 2. I'm interested: How do you feel about the Deandre Liggins situation?  Did he deserve to play in the West Virginia game?  Should he have been thrown off the team, as Rick Pitino said he would have done (Derrick Caracter anyone?)? If I told you that if Liggins would NOT have played against WVU, the Cats would have lost, would you still think he shouldn't have played?  John Clay says the entire saga is just another episode in the puzzle that is Billy Gillispie. 3. Great compilation of the best hits of the NFL and college football season so far. 4. Our lovely favorite fan Ashley Judd comes in 7th in this list of the hottest 40 actresses over 40.  I did not realize that Elizabeth Hurley is 42.  WOW!  And Marisa Tomei is 43! And Selma Hayek is 42?  Damn.  Another website is counting down the Top 100 WAG's of 2008.  Here is 100-91.  And if you don't know what a WAG is, then you are in elementary school and shouldn't be reading this website anyway. 5. NBA Recap: Tayshaun records triple-double in win over Spurs

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