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Here is another option for you to advertise on KSR.  If you are on the job hunt, you can post your skills and maybe even a resume on the site for a wonderful price.  If interested in this or any other type of ad, shoot me an email at [email protected]. You all made a good point yesterday, and that was I should have included A/TO ratio in my grouping of stats.  But before I give you the stats I have to say a couple things.  First, I think it may have seemed yesterday that I was throwing support the way of Michael Porter.  Whoops, because I think Deandre Liggins is the better option right now at PG, BUT what I wanted to point out was that Liggins turns it over MORE than Porter, albeit with more assists, so the constant criticism of Porter may be a little misguided.  My question to you is "since when is it OK to have lots of turnovers if you also have lots of assists".  I would rather have a 3-4 apg point guard who doesn't turn it over than a 6-7apg PG who turns it over 5+ times a game.  Now, I have also included a stat today for PPG/40 min. just to give everyone an idea of the offensive threat that Liggins has become.  Now, onto the stats: Michael Porter: .76 a/to, 5.93 ppg/40 min. Deandre Liggins: 1.2 a/to, 14.25 ppg/40 min. It seems that these stats suggest that it isn't the passing that gets Porter in trouble, it's more his inability to be an offensive threat.  This will be an ongoing debate all season, but personally I hope the fans lay off Porter some.  As Matt has said many times, he tries his hardest and it is not his fault he is the starter.  Let's look at a couple links today: 1. NBA Recap: Nazr plays 12 solid minutes in Bobcats loss 2. You must take a look at this bowl-by-bowl breakdown of what players will be receiving as "swag" for attending their bowl games.  And how can anyone say that all the gifts these players receive is not an NCAA violation.  How can a kid not get a meal at Denny's from an assistant coach, but can accept a brand new watch from the reps at the New Mexico Bowl.  3. Chris Webber loves Rajon Rondo

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