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1. When Billy Gillispie was hired, I remember the talk among fans being that his offensive style would be more entertaining than Tubby Smith, while keeping the defensive toughness that Tubby's teams typically had.  Well, I think after a year and a half we can all pretty much agree that while the offense may be different, it is no more entertaining or up tempo.  So my question is this: are you OK with UK being a defense first program for the future.  The LHL takes a look at this defensive motto that Coach Gillispie employs and the statement by Coach that the defense is about to spark a "steamroll" for the Cats.  2. Take a look at some of the great runners and runs in college football history.  Really brings a chill down my spine to know I watched some of these guys.  And its kinda sad to see OJ Simpson in this video, knowing what he's become.  3. I love the website  They make up all these quizzes about past winners of things and you just list them out.  It's alot of fun.  Earlier this week, I gave you links to the last 10 Heisman winners and also tested your knowledge of the Presidents.  Today, I test you to list the World Series MVP's since 1990 (this year's winner excluded).  Realize that one year had two winners and the 1994 season had no winner, and you come up with 18 names.  I got 15 and felt very proud because there are couple you could have given me 5 years to try and guess and would have failed. 4. NBA Recap: Hayes gets 6 minutes in Rockets win

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