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Busy day as I head to Bowling Green for a wedding this weekend, so no Links tommorow and a shorter version today, but still some good stuff: 1. Thoughts and prayers go out to Steve Masiello and his family today after his father passes away suddenly Tuesday night after suffering a massive heart attack.  This is especially tough considering it comes during the holidays.  And Rick Pitino made the statement that "Steve and his father had the closest father-son relationship I have ever seen."  2. Seriously, its time to leave this Porter/Liggins thing alone.  Someone please alert Mark Story, who thinks fans should cut Porter some slack.  3. Not to scare anyone or raise any red flags, but according to this article by the LHL, Appalaichain St. likes to play fast, reminding me of some early season games. 4. More Mental Floss quizzes: Name the last 10 AL MVP's Name the last 10 NL MVP's

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