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You know in Happy Gilmore when Happy is trying to reach his "Happy Place" and, all of a sudden, a guitar solo starts, Shooter McGavin shows up in all black and pops his collar and then plants one on Grandma?  Well, that's pretty much what just happened to you.  BTI is "in a wedding", which may or may not mean "trying to finally sober up", so rather than make you try to finish out this week without your Picks to Click, I'm going to do my best to give you a few good articles and a few opinions that will make your blood boil. This is Breisner's tour.  - Jerry Tipton....likes big Butts and he cannot lie.   The App St. center is six-foot-nine.  And even when the big man got a football offer from Georiga, it got spurned.   - Excuse me, is that a quarterback?  No, it's a Newton! Ok, that was awful, sorry. But, the good news is that UK commit Morgan Newton was named Indiana's Mr. Football.  Newton threw for 938 yards and 22 touchdowns and rushed for 1,664 yards and 26 TDs this year for Carmel, who fell 36-33 in the state title game.  - If you hate Tubby Smith or boiled peanuts, you might want to skip this one.  But, I am looking forward to the showdown of the last two title-winning UK coaches on Saturday and the Minneapolis Star Tribune has a good piece about the relationship between Pitino and Orlando Smith.  Don't worry, it's purely platonic and the link is safe for work.  - In "This has Goodman's fingerprints all over it" news, FoxSports thinks that the Liberty Bowl is the 27th best bowl game this year.  They also say ECU's defense will "shut down" the UK offense.  What?  UK's offense shut down?  I'll believe it when I see it.  - Sports Illustrated gives you the best photographs of the year and, amazingly, none of them feature Rob Bromley.  Just as a side note, is Sports Illustrated the single best piece of sports media entertainment in the history of mankind?  If you take away live events from television, I don't think there is a single television or radio station, website, newspaper or magazine that I would prefer more than Sports Illustrated.  Except Kentucky Sports Radio, of course.  Discuss below.  - Since we're all about comparing ourselves with each other, tryto see how many of these old school WWF action figures you can name.  Pathetic confession:  I got 13 out of 14.  Even more pathetic confession:  The thirteen I got correct, I still own.  And yes, Mom, I'll get them out of the garage someday.  Let's just work on moving me out of the basement first. - Cats in the NBA Bogans has 8 points and 9 rebounds in Magic win over Spurs Antoine got released by the Grizzlies Well, I hope this was as awesome for you as it was for me.  BTI will be back Monday as long as his sponsor says it's ok.  Until then, remember that Jesus and I both love you, sweet KSR readers.

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