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1. Awww, isn't this cute: Dakotah Euton and Vinny Zollo are texting buddies2. NBA Recap: Buke and Bogans both struggle in Magic win Hayes doesn't do much in Rockets win 3. You know, in almost every coach/player-reporter confrontation, the coach/player is at fault.  Quite frankly, it is the reporter's job to try and get a quote about whatever topic his/her readers want to read about.  And too often, the coach/player is far too sensitive at the podium.  Honestly, if you suck during a game, a reporter has the right to ask "Why did you suck so bad today?"  Anyway, that brings to Sunday and the post-game press conference of Lions coach Rod Marinelli.  Look, his team is 0-15, so most of the questions in the press conference will be negative.  I think Marinelli understands this.  But one reporter goes so far over the line that MANY people are calling for his head to roll, and I would love to see this guy black balled.  You dont go taking personal shots at a man's family and consider that good journalism. Worst case of reporter stupidity I have ever heard of. 4. Another ref gives out a forearm shiver during game

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