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1. 2007 Music City Bowl: Some guy named Steve Johnson emerges as a WR threat of the future.  I think things turned out OK on that one. 2009 Liberty Bowl: Which WR is gonna step up this time?  The Courier-Journal investigates.  2. Does today's game excite you?  If it doesn't, that is understandable.  But here is what today's game is: just another step is the attempt by the UK program to ascend to college football relevancy.  If the Cats win, it will be the first time in over 50 years with 3 straight winning seasons.  It will be 3 straight bowl wins, which happens once in a lifetime for a UK fan.  And it is only a springboard for what should be a much better 2009 season.  3. Is USC great?  Yes.  Are they the top program of the 2000's.  I would think so.  But lets keep it in perspectitive.  They only have one BCS national championship and two title game appearances. In that same time, Oklahoma will have played in 4 title games. They have also played in the Pac-10 all that time, which outside of an occasional Oregon/Oregon St. good year, gets no real competition from the West Coast.  And, look at their BCS games since Pete Carroll arrived: 2002: Orange Bowl, beat Iowa 2003: Rose Bowl, beat Michigan 2004: Orange Bowl, beat Oklahoma 2005: Rose Bowl, lost to Texas 2006: Rose Bowl, beat Michigan 2007: Rose Bowl, beat Illinois 2008: Rose Bowl, beat Penn St. That's 6-1 in BCS bowl games the last 7 years, which nobody can criticize too hard. BUT, 5 of those 6 wins have come against the Big Ten, and how many times do we have to see the Trojans whip a Big Ten team before we realize that conference is NOT elite. I love USC and the run they have made, but I always have to ask "If they played in the SEC, how good would they be." 4. Man, the Charles Barkley stories just keep on coming over the last month.  This time he was arrested for suspicion of DUI.  But, it looks like Sir Charles is sorta admitting his mistake, and I can respect that.  On the other hand, John Daly's life continues to tailspin into a possible early career death, now suspended for 6 months from the PGA Tour.  Not that he's relevant on the PGA Tour anymore.

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