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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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mcgrady.jpg Daily RPI Report: 177 (Up 35 or so spots from Friday)  1. In honor of the best dunk we will see this season in college basketball (Hansborough on George), he is some videos of other shorter guys dunking on freakily tall guys.  And wouldn't you know, Shawn Bradley has his own list of ten times he got jammed on. 2. Was Saturday's win over Vandy a "turning point" for this year's basketball team?  I dont know.  It still only counts as one win, and it was at home, but just the confidence it brings to the team is huge.  Not to mention they did it without Jodie Meeks or Derrick Jasper is the overtimes.  John Clay puts in his two cents on this topic.  3. A couple notes after Saturday's win, including the offense revolving around Ramel Bradley and an update on Derrick Jasper's knee. 4. TECMO Bowl has done it again, predicting 3 out of 4 games over the weekend, including Bolts-Colts, which not many people had the guts to do.  But, a really really old video game has those guts, and they paid off.  That makes this wonderful invention 6-2 on predictions for the playoffs.  Better than Chris Berman I bet. 5. Coors Light has already jumped on the T.O. whine-fest yesterday and created one of those commercials where three schmucks act like they are there.  Pretty funny, but not really funny I warn you. 6. On Friday, two of the best basketball players in the state squared off in Madisonville, and neither dissapointed.  Scotty "Hobson" Hopson and Jon Hood each had double-doubles in University Heights 4-point win.  Matt reported last week UK might not be recruiting Hopson anymore, but Hood seems to still be a target for 2009.    7. Darius Miller was also impressive this weekend in his team's 24-point win at the Nicholasville Shootout.  Dakotah Euton also had a nice game in the same tournament, but his Rose Hill team lost because, frankly, they are terrible. 8. Dick Vitale has been cleared to begin speaking again, and whether you think this is a good thing or bad thing, you have to admit he is good for the sport.  Vitale won't start calling games again until February, and if you had to guess which game would be his first back, what would it be?  I seriously think ESPN holds Duke-UNC on the same level as the Super Bowl and Olympics.  I am not joking. 9. Is Joakim Noah a good guy or bad guy? I don't know.  When he was at Florida, you would always read about how fans hated him so much but he actually was a really great guy and did alot for the community and blah blah blah.  But honestly, how good of a guy can he be when his OWN TEAMMATES VOTED UNANIMOUSLY to bench him for a game?  By the way, Noah is averaging 4 points a game, which makes me happy he is not doing well because everytime he overreacts about anything, it makes him look like that much more of a prick.

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