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1. Mark Story writes about the hope surrounding the UK program right now after the solid performance against UL.  2. Rick Bozich takes a look the major local conferences after the non-conference season.  3. Thanks to KSR Reader JD who sent me this link with the 50 hottest Victoria Secret models of all-time.  JD has now become my favorite reader, just ahead of flipisatrip and GoCats.  Oh and LouisvillefanCraig sucks. 4. If you missed it, some USC linebacker (an All-American I am sure) had a little fun with Erin Andrews before the Rose Bowl.  Cause I am so sure it's hard to get girls as an All-American football player at USC that you have to go for Erin Andrews.  Look what steroids gets you boys and girls. 5. NBA Recap: Bogans continues to fight ankle sprain, doesn't play Hayes plays sparingly last night for Rockets Rondo plays well Celtics, Nazr doesn't score for Bobcats

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