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I think it is still up in the air on who is living best out of these three fellas. 1. Everybody remembers Kevin Pittsnoggle, correct?  The incredibly tatted up, redneck from West Virginia, that could actually play a little.  Oh, and almost knocked the Final Four Louisville team out of the tournament.  Well, Yahoo has found out what Kevin is doing with his life these days.  Let's take a little quiz to see if you can guess: (1) Kevin Pittsnoggle is now a: a. European basketball player b. Starter for the Oklahoma City Thunder c. Middle school teacher d. Unpaid basketball coach (2) Kevin lives in: a. Double wide trailer b. Single wide trailer c. Mansion d. Tattoo Parlor (3) Kevin weighs: a. less than 100 pounds b. Between 100 and 200 pounds c. Between 200 and 300 pounds d. Over 300 pounds The correct answers are: 1 (c AND d), 2 (a), and 3 (d) So yes, if you guessed Kevin is now a middle school teacher/unpaid assistant basketball coach who lives in a double wide and weighs over 300 pounds, you passed the test.  Just about as easy as the Georgia basketball class test. 2. Good article in the Herald-Leader about the good fortunes that Rick Brooks has had in the past couple years at UK.  But, more importantly, those good fortunes have also brought higher expectations.  3. SEC Recap: Auburn 85, Alabama 71 Florida 80, Arkansas 65 LSU 83, Mississippi 51 Tennessee 82, South Carolina 79 Mississippi St. 73, Vandy 66

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