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Dwight Perry AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Giant Patrick Patterson Picture!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not the political person that Matt Jones is, and I am nowhere near the poet Beisner is, but I did want say a couple words about yesterday's festivities.  Of all places, I thought Mike and Mike summed it in a way I had never really thought about, but more perfectly explains why its great to be an American.  And trust me, I know they did not think this up themselves, but this is where I heard it first.  That's because in this country, unlike in most other countries around the world, we are able to transfer the power of our country from one rival party to another peacefully.  And despite the fact that nearly half the country voted for someone else, no revolutions were held, no coup d'etat was put on by the military.  In this country, despite the fact that millions disagree with the result of the election, we understand that we must accept who was elected, and support that person.  We understand that despite the fact that our party may not be in power, they way we change that is through elections and not violence.  And just think about that, it is very rare in this world.  Even in 2000, when it is very possible that George Bush DIDN'T win the election, we followed through with the Constitutional procedure to decide that election, sending it to the Supreme Court, instead of violently deciding who should be President.  So whether I voted for Obama or not (which I am not telling), I was proud to see him inaugurated yesterday, which proved that in this country, with all its many flaws and problems, who we give power to is done the right way.  Now let's do some links: 1. So, if you are looking for what might sway the game's outcome tonight at Rupp, look no further than free throw shooting, as the Herald-Leader points out today.  UK shoots nearly 80% from the line, while Auburn sits below 60%.  Consider that most teams shoot 15-20 free throws a game, that is a 3-4 point advantage for UK.  Add that to the 3-point advantage Rupp gives, and the 23 point advantage Jodie Meeks gives you over the other teams top player, minus the 2 points the other team gets for a Billy G technical, plus the 6 points Jared Carter gives you for a hearty pregame meal, minus the 4 points Carter costs you if he gets on the floor, and I see a 10-15 point Cats win tonight.  2. Sorry high school fans in Eastern Kentucky, Elliott County has been knocked out of the top spot of the LIT Ratings by Scott County. 3. It's never too early to look ahead to the football season for next year.  CNNSI has already put out it's 2009 Top 25.  No Kentucky, but a surprise to see Ole Miss at #6.  Yes, they had some nice wins last year, topping it off by beating Texas Tech.  BUT, lets not forget they also lost 5 games.  As boring as this seems, I would say your preseason SEC picks should be Florida and Alabama.  I was never a fan of John Parker Wilson, so I don't think there will be a significant drop-off there.  But nobody is beating Florida, and we all know that, right? Why did nobody step in and stop Aretha Franklin from wearing that GIGANTIC bow on her head during the inauguration yesterday.  Seriously!!! She clearly has no good friends because I would have physically stopped her.  That bow could fit on an elephant, which Aretha is quickly growing towards in size, but isn't there yet.  I have no freakin clue what song she sang, because I was laughing too loud.  It's OK Aretha, I will be your friend.

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