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1. I don't think this would be that big of a deal if Patterson hadn't missed the end of last season, but more is being made of this finger thing.  BREAKING NEWS: The Courier-Journal says PPat will PLAY with injury.  I mean, who does that anymore? 2. John Clay gives some random thoughts in his column, including: UK in the Top 25, other good SEC teams, and an interesting note on the Billy G technical. 3. Here is a really great article on about where exactly BCS schools are getting their football recruits.  Notes you get from Kentucky: The average distance that a recruit lives from Lexington is 458 miles.  Only 30% of UK players are from Kentucky.  Even still, this is a very interesting read.    4. This link goes out to my friends Patrick and Erica over at the CW Louisville, who say they love hot women lists.  Today, I give you one hell of a list.  It's "Ask Mens" Top 99 women of 20095. You gotta love Maury Povich.  He has made a living off paternity tests.  And much like Jerry Springer, he proves all the time that there never is a shortage of rednecks in America.  Here are his 7 greatest paternity test reactions6. NBA Recap: Prince goes off for 25 points in Pistons win Rondo gets 10 assists in easy Celtics win Chuck Hayes: 6 minutes, 4 rebounds Azubuike scores a bunch for Warriors 7. Greatest small school dunk EVER

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