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I will give Chase a break since he got his face stomped on. 1. Since Jodie Meeks now holds the UK single game scoring record,  Mark Story releases 8 records that will never be broken at UK.  I woulkd think that UK will never get 108 rebounds in a game again.  How in the hell did that ever happen anyway.  There are barely/rarely 108 shots taken in a game normally.  2. Title IX requires that I also link the women's game recaps, and the Wildcats did play yesterday, falling to LSU by three.  The girls are now 2-3 in SEC play.  Thanks to Tomlin for reminding me about Title IX, which I often forget when the WNBA is out of season.  3. SEC Recap: Florida 94, Vandy 69: Gators are only legitimate threat to UK in SEC, glad first matchup is in Rupp. Auburn 73, Arkansas 51: That bandwagon is alot lighter now for the Razorbacks. Mississippi St. 67, Georgia 61: Watchout for Bulldogs.  I say they make NCAA's. South Carolina 82, Ole Miss 71: Gamecocks playing well, Cats should still sweep them. 4. NBA Recap: Rondo with 13 points, 14 assists in Celts win Morris is a foul machine for Hawks Hayes vs Prince, an all-time NBA classic 5. Today's jerk of the day: Houston's Aubrey Coleman Keep guessing the big news coming to this site because so far nobody has even come CLOSE to what it actually is.

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