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1. You might be asking, who the heck is this guy at the top of the post.  Well, lucky for you, I know his name.  This is Jeff Walker of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.  Somehow, someway, Jeff kept UK in his AP poll this week, putting them at 24th.  So those of you who blasted the coaches poll and held the AP poll up on a pedestal earlier last week, just remember this guys face.  2. I know Rob Gidel is the football guru, but as we gear up for signing day, I want to give a quick breakdown of what the Cats have "locked" up for now.  All of this is coming from  I know will vary it some, but you get the idea. 5-stars: NONE (Newton and Moss. have dropped) 4-stars: 3 (Newton, Moss. and Donte Rumph) 3-stars: 14 (4 wide receivers, 2 linebackers, 2 defensive tackles, 1 running back, 1 safety, 1 offensive guard, 1 quarterback, 1 center, 1 tight end) 2-stars: 9 (3 safeties, 1 tight end, 1 defensive end, 1 defensive tackle, 1 running back, 1 wide receiver) While its a little disappointing to see Newton drop, this class is still very strong.  Last years class had 2 4-stars and 7 3-stars, meaning this years dwarfs that.  I still laugh a little when I look at the SEC Rankings though, because despite such a strong class (27th nationally), it still only ranks 11th out of 12th in the conference.  Thank god for Vanderbilt.  Oh, and Louisville's class is pathetic, so if you see Edgar Sosa you can hold that over him.    3. As someone who has worked at a TV station for almost a year, I can truly appreciate the absurdity of this news clip.  4. I know that "The Office" is not suited for everyone.  It has a very sarcastic, physical comedy that just doesn't appeal to some.  But, the episode after the Super Bowl was truly a classicin my opinion.  It has hillarious one-liners throughout, saw one of the charecters have a heart attack and the building catch on fire, sorta.  So, if you even remotely care about the show, this is a must watch.

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