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1. The Courier-Journal continues to pile on the weakness of the SEC, calling it a non-contender this year.  I would like to remind them that Villanova made a Sweet 16 last year and Davidson made the Elite 8, and George Mason made a Final Four in 2006.  When the NCAA Tournament rolls around, you never know what might happen. 2. The Herald-Leader makes an excellent point about this years Cats:  They really lack a playmaker.  Even in the case of Jodie Meeks, his strength is great shooting and ability to beat teams oof the dribble, not as much for his playmaking ability.  The LHL points out that Mississippi, South Carolina, Mississippi St. both had these playmakers that torched the Cats. 3. The Cats seem to be hanging on in most seed projections, as shown in the cnnsi report.  They come in at an 11 seed, playing Ohio State (a good matchup) in the first round.  The problem is that cnnsi makes a really good point:  If the tournament were to start today, and the Cats were to be invited, they would be the highest RPI team to EVER receive an at-large bid.  For the first time all season, I consider the Florida game a MUST WIN. 4. Former Falcons dirtybirder Jamal Anderson was recently picked up for cocaine possesion.  This normally would not perk my interest or yours because athlete, by defintion, now includes crimial charges.  But then you find out how exactly Anderson consumed his cocaine.  ON A TOILET SEAT!! You are telling me a probable millionaire has to snort cocaine off something where a 400-pound man's butt checks have sat.  Even a drugged out hobo would call that disgusting. 5. Speaking of ridiculous wealth, look at some of the worst contracts in MLB history?  And on that note, how does any human being (Manny) turn down 25 million dollars to play one season? 6. How many of the 24 500-HR club members can you name in 5 minutes?  I got 15, which I think is embarassingly bad.  And how many were on steroids?

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