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My thoughts on last night: -Michael Porter just can't play average, can he?  He either plays really good (Florida) or just pitiful (Vandy).  I have truly never seen someone just flat out get the ball stolen from them as much as he does.  He reminds me on the big brother picking on the little brother.  You can steal it from him whenever you want. -The refs were less than stellar, but that was about the 7th ranked reason the Cats lost.  The bigger problem with all those fouls was Vandy shot free throws so well.  -Just my opinion, but as "good" as AJ Stewart played on offense, I thought he played just as bad on defense.  Pretty much all of his fouls were because he was out of position or slow recovering.  I was encouraged by his offensive outburst, but I bet you he still doesn't play much in the future because of his defense. -Perry Stevenson was pretty bad last night, but those of you calling for more Harrellson must have missed him getting burned on two Vandy putbacks early in the game.  Without Patterson, its bad news folks (I know I am really breaking news right there). 1. More on how Jodie Meeks has been dealing with trick defenses recently and has still prospered, last night not included. 2. This probably contirubuted to our failing economy.

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