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For those of you already calling for the firing of Billy Gillispie, take a minute to consider what that would mean. a. It would likely push both Meeks and Patterson out the door as neither would want to start again with another coach. b.  Who knows what it would mean for Daniel Orton.  It is likely Jon Hood would still come, but it would at minimum put Orton's commitment in question. c. It forces the Harris-Porter-Stevenson-Liggins quads that everyone hates so much to have to learn another system, likely stunting any improvement they may have over the summer.  And get ready for this, ALL four are still likely to play major minutes next year, even with the recruits coming in. d. It tells any high profile coach that may follow Gillispie to NOT come, as UK is a place the administration is quick to pull the trigger AND the fanbase is quick to turn on its team.  Do you think Tom Izzo or John Calipari would want to come this time around?  Don't think so.  Which means the next coach will either be mid-major OR an assistant coach.    e. All of these things combined likely leads to a 10+ loss season again, rather than the possibility of a Meeks-Patterson return, Orton-Hood come in to the program, and a much stronger team than this year.  So, remember, if you want Billy Gillispie gone already, here is a possible starting lineup next year (WORST CASE SCENARIO, no Meeks, Patterson, or Orton) PG: Porter/Liggins SG: Miller/Slone SF: Hood/Galloway PF: Pilgrim (?) C: Stevenson Whereas with Gillispie, the starting lineup could look like this next year (BEST CASE SCENARIO) PG: Porter/Liggins SG: Meeks SF: Miller/Hood/Galloway PF: Patterson C: Orton Point being, if you truly want whats best for Kentucky, in my opinion, lets give Gillispie a real chance.  He is frustrating as hell, I get that.  But turning on him in masses is not anything but negative for the program.  And unlike most college programs, the UK fanbase does have an effect on its team.  I have said it several times over the last couple weeks, but SUPPORT THIS TEAM!!  Be frustrated and disappointed and eager to get back to the elite level.  But use some common sense as to how this will have to happen.  And I GUARANTEE it won't be by cutting loose Gillispie now.  It will take a patience.  I hate to say it, but look at the IU fanbase as an example.  Their team is pitiful, and yet all you hear nationally is how wonderful it is their fanbase shows up and cheers as loudly as ever at the games.  It's time for UK to get some good pub nationally, and it can start with fans.  Make it happen Cats fans.  _____________________________________________________________________________    State High School Tournament Friday Schedule #2 Elliott County vs West Carter (at East Carter, 62nd district final, 16th region) #5 Holmes vs Beechwood (at Covington Holy Cross, 35th district final, 9th region) #6 Ballard vs Trinity (at Waggener, 27th district final, 7th region) #7 Boone County vs Ryle (at Boone County, 33rd district final, 9th region) #9 Shelby Valley vs Belfry (at Pike County Central, 59th district final, 15th region) #10 Lexington Catholic vs Lafayette (at Paul Dunbar, 43rd district final, 11th region) #12 Corbin vs South Laurel (at Williamsburg, 50th district final, 13th region) #14 Franklin County vs Western Hills (at Frankfort, 41st district final, 11th region) #18 Scott vs Bishop Brossart (at Campbell County, 37th district final, 10th region) #19 PRP vs Western (at PRP, 21st district final, 6th region) Saturday Schedule #3 Jeffersontown vs #4 Eastern (at Eastern, 28th district final, 7th region) #11 Warren Central vs Bowling Green (at Greenwood, 14th district final, 4th region) #20 North Hardin vs John Hardin (at Central Hardin, 17th district final, 5th region) Thursday Results #1 Scott County 79, Henry Clay 69 #8 Mason County 93, St. Patrick 41 #13 Clark County 76, Montgomery County 64 #16 Christian County 98, Fort Campbell 52 #20 North Hardin 75, Elizabethtown 49 Teams Eliminated: #15 Bryan Station, #17 Seneca _________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Some good news: Jodie Meeks is a finalist for the Oscar Robertson Award for the best college basketball player.   2. Maybe the best thing about Tiger Woods return to golf is that I am actually watching the Golf Channel these days.  And that means I have been introduced to Lauren Thompson, a commentator on the station who it is clear was given the job for her vast amount of golf knowledge. 3. A compilation of photos that catches sports commentators giving their "O" Face.

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