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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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1. If you dont know alot about the Florida team the Cats will be playing on Saturday, here is a good article from the Courier-Journal that gives you some info on the Gators.

2. As Matt mentioned earlier, the LIT has a good slate of games tonight if you get a chance to head out to Louisville Gardens.  Here is the complete schedule for today and tonight.

3. This is a funny article in the Advocate-Meassanger today, with the headline “Gillispie updates playing status of Meeks, Jasper.”  Just read the first line of the article.  Clearly the editor took a day off.

4. Does everyone believe me now when I say Vandy is overrated?  I said it three weeks ago, not to mention that the Dores would lose in Rupp.  And now if you dont think Vandy didn’t reflect their 16-0 record, then you just cant admit the obvious.  A 20-point loss to Tennessee pretty much shows you where this Vandy team is at, and thats behind both UT and Ole Miss, and clearly not elite nationally.  This is still a team that is dangerous, with two very good players in Foster and Ogilvy.  But, much like UK, the talent level drops off big time after that.

5. Speaking of Ole Miss, here is a feature article by Gary Parrish on what might be the biggest suprise in the country.  If any team did more for itself in a loss, then let me know because the 2 point setback at Tennessee sold me.

6. I wouldn’t say this to any of these guys faces, except for the kicker, but here are the NFL’s 10 dorkiest players, with a little poem like statement for each.  Good for a little laugh.

7. For all you hockey fans out there, here is a list of some of the greatest fights in NHL history.  I know this will be a big hit with the KSR hockey fanbase.  Oh, who am I kidding, there aint one damn hockey fan within 300 miles of here, so you are not obligated to watch this.  Although, the stupidity of some of these fights is always entertaining.  So, these two guys are fighting so I am required to grab this guy and hold on to his jersey but not punch him and the goalies must do the same.  Sounds like a b**** move they pull at Duke.

8. If you dont watch American Idol, I would highly recommend it, at least until the auditions are over.  Some of the funniest moments in TV have happened on this show in seven seasons.  And one of the classics occured Wednesday night, when this happened.  But, for my money, the best moment of the first two nights was this guy.

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