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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  1. Really interesting article by Rick Bozich today in the Courier-Journal, comparing the path of DJ White to that of Randolph Morris, who is getting ZERO playing time in the NBA.  I always like to point out that Morris would be a senior on this team, and if he stayed this team quickly becomes one of the top 4 in the SEC.  Now, we are looking at 8-10th.  So don't blame Tubby or Gillispie, BLAME RANDOLPH!!!  2. While this guy has sort of flown under the radar this year, or better described played poorly this year, Chris Lofton seems to love Rupp Arena, and if he finds his shooting touch tonight it may be an even longer night than it should be anyway.  With a good Lofton shooting game, Cats lose 85-60, with a bad Lofton game, Cats lose 73-58.  It's gonna be a long night. 3. Stories from the Senior Bowl about both Andre Woodson and Jacob Tamme.  Woodson has a great shot to move up the draft board as both Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm decided to skip the game.  4. Yesterday, I gave you 100 Nintendo games and no one took the bait and tried to list them.  Today, I give you another shot with 100 Super-Nintendo games.  If you can list 75 of them, I will give you Matt's paycheck.  No, this is not a binding contract. 5. My new least favorite commercial right now is Brady Quinn for Subway.  First, because Quinn is so damn smug in it, making the comment "I have things to do on Sunday, so I cant come to your events then" or something like that.  What do you have to do on Sundays, Brady?  Holding a clipboard and signaling in plays ain't really doing anything.  How does a second string quarterback get endorsements.  And why hasn't Jared Lorenzen been hired also?  So many questions.  Here are some other bad athlete endorsements. 6. One of my all-time favorite movies is Coming to America with Eddie Murphy, Aresenio Hall, James Earl Jones, and Eric Lasalle.  And, as it turns out, we didn't need to watch the Packers-Giants game this weekend because Murphy already told us what happened.  Remember, this movie was in 1988.

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